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Our livestock team lead by Stuart Kyle who has been servicing the West Wimmera region for 25 years provides experience and quality, professional advice and service. Stuart is a highly respected auctioneer and livestock agent. He and the team can assist you with your livestock sales and purchases, selling every Wednesday at the Horsham Livestock exchange and at the Naracoorte Livestock exchange every Tuesday.

An integral part of our livestock team is Damian Pearson who has many years of practical experience and has been specialising in the last few years in animal nutrition and feedlotting.  Damian can help you with all facets of your livestock, marketing, nutrition and animal health requirements.

Through our membership of rural marketing agents (rma) we offer access into the majority of market centres throughout South Eastern Australia as well as networking power, buying and selling livestock through some 75 member agents with 100 offices located within this region.

With our association with Rodwells we offer a wool brokering service within Melbourne, offering weekly auctions, electronic selling and forward contracts.

Contact Stuart Kyle on 0417 332 805 or Damian Pearson on 0458 504 008.