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Welcome to Westech Ag Kyle Livestock
for  Strong, Sustainable and Profitable Farming 

Westech Ag Kyle Livestock is a dedicated, experienced team with a commitment to and extensive knowledge of our region. Operating out of branches in Nhill and Kaniva we currently cover an area from Hopetoun to the South Australian border. Our Agronomists, Livestock and Real Estate Agents are highly motivated and have a proud reputation of excellent service to our clients.   

Contact us for all of your crop management, farm chemical, livestock, animal health and real estate needs. 








Proud Sponsors of the following organisations:

 - Kaniva Leeor United Football/Netball Club   - Nhill and District Sporting Club

 - Kaniva Golf Club                                                 - Nhill Golf Club

-  Wimmera Racing Club                                      - Nhill A & P Society

-  Kaniva Bowling Club                                         - Rainbow Primary School

-  Nhill Motor Sports Club                                     - Rainbow A & P Society

-  Yanac Hockey Club Inc.                                   - Serviceton Golf Club

-  Kaniva Raiders Junior  Hockey Club            - Japarit/Rainbow Football Netball Club                                                                

We have a philosophy of providing active support for the communities in which we operate. Through involvement in community activities, projects and sponsorship we aim to contribute effectively and with pride to our rural communities.